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Here are a few letters and comments from my readers. I am always happy to receive feedback, letters of encouragement, and suggestions. I’d like to sincerely thank each and every reader who takes the time to write. Your letters and comments are deeply meaningful to me. Thank you so much :-)  Writing is communication, and when you write back, the circle is complete. If you see your letter here and prefer that I remove it, or remove or abbreviate your name, please write to me and I will be happy to do so…

Rajeev: Hey Pooja, how have your been? It has always been a delight editing your stories and I have always seen a great writer in you. Your blog looks really awesome. The layout and design are just superb. I particularly liked your interview section “Snapshots” and Neeraj’s interview was really touching. Please do give me some tips to develop my blog :) All d best, Tc, Rajeev :)

Amit Dharamsi: Hi Pooja. It’s after a long time I got on to a nice blogging site… Nice to get connected and to know more of you through this platform. Keep it up and keep scribbling. Your work would surely be an inspiration and medium for many to follow… Ameeylove

Punya Trivedi: Nice blog :) Pretty interesting topics, will keep visiting regularly, have added to favourites. March mein kuch toh likho ;) Take care, god bless…

Ashok Mankad: Hi, it was nice to visit you. I love reading and playing golf. Life is a great teacher and we remain students till the end! Have a nice day!

Harish Dimri: Hi. I was going through your website. A lot of interesting thoughts have been penned down. Felt nice reading your thoughts. Cheers and enjoy.

Kaps: Are you a financial editor or a movie critic…? :-) Anyway, I love the way you write…

Sachin Sharma: Hi, those were some good writings… Very enjoyable indeed… Especially the – “Waiting for…” … It seemed straight from a damsel’s heart… It did remind me of DDLJ’s Kajol… You take care and keep writing…

DJ Shrom: Hey Pooh! Here I am back again… You seem to be a really nice and sweet person… You write really well… Keep rocking… Lotsa love…

Arun Muraleedharan: Hello Pooja! :) How are you? And how is life? So do you cook Punjabi food? Let me know how to make a simple dish with paneer. I am Arun from Kerala, India…Now in Dubai… Take care, see you later

Panks: Just stopped to say ‘Hi’!

Deepu Paul: Have a chocolate-full day!!

Adarsh MM: Nice website from a nice girl!!

Amandeep Singh: Hi Pooja. I ‘m Johny from Punjab. Nice writing style. Wondering if I can talk to you… Write back. Take care…

DJ Shrom: Hey Pooh! I like your style. You are what you are… Inside out! Great! Keep writing! Lotsa love…

Roshab K: Your profile sounds like a perfect matrimonial entry. Just kidding… Take care… Be happy :-)

Deepu Paul: That’s a cool place I have landed in… Keep that smile glowing…


2 thoughts on “You & Me”

  1. Hey Pooja!!! really worth reading and interesting to see your post. Doing great…i liked that neeraj wala post…..yes its true ….he is like that onli….pics r awesome…


  2. Hi Pooja,
    Your articles are worth reading & interesting, Im also writing in diff news paper @ Divya Marathi, Desdoot , few periodicals. ,
    Like to connect with you & with your support develop the financial awareness in public. pl see our website….

    Mukesh Chothani.

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