The dilemma of my vegetarian better half

Most of us would have had at least one ghastly dining experience in our lives… Before you start guessing, let me tell you that this blog is not about one of my dining disasters; it is about my super finicky pure vegetarian husband’s (Pulkit)! :P Last night, we went out for a nice dinner at this local restaurant. We had planned to have an especially elaborate dinner. So I quickly ordered some starters and soup as my better half was busy on the phone. Everything was pure pure (read again) vegetarian.

Bite by bite, we finished our veg platter… After we finished our soups, I started going through the menu all over again to order the main course. I was quite stuffed by this time, but Pulkit wanted to have another round of soup. So, he ordered one. He said, “Please get me one manchow soup.” The guy at the restaurant replied, “Okay Sir.” The soup was on our table within 5 minutes. My better half had it. I ordered the main course and we hogged like there’s no tomorrow.

Our tummy was stuffed, taste buds were contented, senses satiated and, we were waiting for our restaurant bill… The bill arrived. My better half went through everything on the bill. And, BOOOOOM…! “WHAT!!” That is all he managed to say. The bill loudly, clearly and hilariously said, “Non-veg Soup.” That was it! Pulkit called the manager at the restaurant to check. They were not sure what was served but when they saw Pulkit getting a little nervous they said it was vegetarian. But I still have my doubts… And so does my better half. From the moment we left the restaurant he is describing to me what he had and trying to check with me if that could be non-vegetarian :P How does chicken soup look like? Does it taste any different? How can you differentiate between the two? Lol… I just can’t stop laughing. My poor poor hubby! Mind you… We can’t do anything about it now… Even if it was non-vegetarian. :D By the way, did you like it hubby? Haa haa haa… It seems to me the vegetable family too is having some fun discussing this. :P

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  1. Oh my, I recently did the same thing to my non-veg friend, but the opposite of what your husband experienced. She had ordered these cakes from Taiwan and had been waiting for them for weeks. Finally, they arrive and while in her hands she is ecstatic and salivating. I then asked, “you’re strictly vegetarian now?” She nodded. “Really, very strictly veg only? No meat, whatsoever? You know how some veg by choice don’t mind meat soup or the odd seafood bit.” Very seriously she said, pure veg. NO problem with dairy like milk and cheese and eggs but yes, otherwise, pure veg. I then pointed out that the cakes that she has been longing for surely must have some lard in it. She didn’t talk to me after that. Hasn’t talked to me since last week. hahahahahah

  2. I was living in Germany over ten years ago and was involved with a local American Baptist Church where we had a mixture of nationalities attending. The American Baptists were strictly no alcohol and were of the type that had never touched a drop of alcohol in their lives. The Germans drank as did some of the other nationalities. I am Australian so I was in a league all of my own. Anyway, one of the Germans baked Tiramisu and her recipe had a couple of different liquors in it. The American Baptist Pastor loved it and asked her for the recipe, which she passed on. He was very gracious and said nothing. I was the one who pointed it out in my friendly Australian way. I actually found it very amusing to be honest.
    We also had fun we had a Tupperware container full of Venegite and the American mistook it for chocolate sauce so we put it on the sweets table at a picnic and they we eating Vegemite by the spoonful …but only once!

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