He Chose To Ruin

I once shared this extraordinarily beautiful quote from the movie “Shakespeare in Love” with him. It was from the sequence where Viola De Lesseps describes the kind of love she wants… The ungovernable kind… The kind of love where your only option is to be ruined or raptured. I did not know then he took those words so seriously. He completely ruined me.

And the sparks flew…

At the precise moment where she was giving her friend a piece of her mind about how impractical and unrealistic an all-consuming love is, the universe was laughing its wits out at her. How could she have ever known the universe had a plan and was in fact conspiring to uproot every idea she had instilled into her mind about the practicality of “love”? After all the heartbreak stories of people around her, she’d come to believe people only looked for a love of convenience and that true love existed only in her books. She was on the verge of being proven so wrong. There he was, the universe’s plan… As their eyes met, all she could hear was her pounding heart and the voice from her throbbing head that said, “There you go.”

Consumed By You

In spite of it all, there they were. Him. Her. And the magic of the overzealous dark night with their wild heartbeats. There were no words for a while. Both of them were trying to absorb the reality of this moment; the reality that this, after all, was not a dream. Cupping her face in his palms, looking right into her eyes that were beaming with intense emotions he finally said, “In these few moments that I have with you, I want you to reveal your most vulnerable self to me. I want your raw emotions. I want the uncareful version of you. I want you to bleed your feelings… your absolute, unadulterated, naked truth. I want to know if you too feel the unnamed feeling of being raptured and ruined at the same time. I want to know it all.” It was confession time for her. What could she tell him that her eyes hadn’t given away already? Yes, she too suffered the confusion of utter bliss and pain. She too was tormented by the way every fibre of her body called out to him in every waking and sleeping moment. Before getting caught in the web of her thoughts, she decided to put it in the least complicated way, “I love you. You are the definition of my vulnerability, my desires, my fears, my emotions. I will stay consumed by you, because I know no other way.”

Disrupted by passion

It was time again for their late-night tête-à-tête with soft music, some wine and dim lights. What started out as a regular gossip session between two besties meeting after a long time, quickly turned into a serious conversation. She desperately needed to know her best friend’s opinion on the thought that was haunting her for quite some time now, so she finally asked, “Did I disrupt his mundane life? He seemed fine with the ordinary before I barged in. Do you think I have left him muddled up for the rest of his life?” After musing over it for what seemed like ages her friend answered with certainty, “Yes, you did; but in a good way. When you barged in, he got the emotional experience of his life… He never knew he was capable of such intensity, such passion. Now he knows the difference between living and just being alive. You, my friend, are that difference. And even if it is not forever, he is lucky to have experienced the intensity of your love.”

If only “us” was that simple

Contradiction was her second name. She was gifted. She was cursed. Day after day, she went through a myriad of emotions so contradictory that she could not believe herself. He made her head-over-heels happy, but he also made her hopping-mad furious. What was she to make of this tumultuous relationship? What was she to make of all his promises? She wished for numbness, as the pain was too much to deal with every time he said, “I love you, but…” Was it time to let him go? Did he deserve another chance? Another chance to admit how crazy he was about her, minus all the “buts”. Aah… If only the answer was that simple, if only love was that simple, if only life was that simple!