The way I loved him

Her friend told her to write bravely. She wrote, “He said he loved me and I believed him. I loved him, I hope he loved me too… even if it was for a moment, I hope he loved me too… the way I loved him.”


I will never know for sure if music eases or aggravates a lover’s pain. It is difficult, almost impossible, to define the function of music; but an existence without it seems preposterous… it satisfies a primal need to feel, to feel till you bleed out all those emotions… and then feel some more.


And she bared her true feelings to the people that mattered to her.

She told them how he made her feel. She was surprised at her audacity. She knew they did not approve. She knew that they thought it was an absolute mismatch. But she still said it all and said it out loud. He took her to places she’d never been, places she could not even have imagined existed. So she kept trying to explain what he was… Not that anyone was convinced, but she felt uncurbed.

At the very least it was liberating. She felt liberated… emancipated!


People keep undermining the power of words. Every time you say, “I love you and I believe in a forever with you,” all my doubts cease to exist… The anxiety about the future goes away. All I am left with then is “us” and “now”. And that, my love, is perfect!

Her first heartbreak

Heartbreaks make you stronger, said the writer in this very sensible piece. How true, she thought… and how incomplete. Her first heartbreak had beyond any doubt made her stronger. It had made her…

Someone stronger
Someone broken
Someone else