Piyush Mishra: The Quiet Genius

There is a mad intensity in the way I am reading these days. I always was a reader, but I have now become a manic reader. I want to know all about the authors, what they were going through when they wrote a particular book (particularly the ones that had unapologetically non-conforming protagonists) and more. From Rumi to Dostoyevsky, Proust to Kafka, Nietzsche to Haruki Murakami… I am going insane. There is so much to read (and so little time)! Words have become my fuel and I can’t survive without them. Amid all this, I bumped into this beautiful piece (a fusion of humour and truth) from the man I have loved since I heard him sing Husna on Coke Studio – ?#?PiyushMishra?, the born rebel. Watch it for yourself.

“Woh kaam bhala kya kaam hua jo maza nahi de whisky ka, wo ishq bhala kya ishq hua jisme na mauka siski ka.” ;)

Tangled love

Just when she convinces herself that it is over, he does something crazy! Crazy enough to give it another try.

Just when she manages to chain him in a deep dark corner of her heart, he manages to escape. Escape and create a havoc in her heart and her life.

Just when she says to herself, “This is it!”… he comes out of nowhere and says, “Are you stupid? There is no “this is it” in our story!”

Just when she decides she has cried enough and there is no reason to deal with the intense pain his love brings her, he gives her another reason.