Screw the labels!

I wish we lived in a world where there were no debates of who is the superior gender… A world where we celebrated the uniqueness of each individual, irrespective of their gender… A world where we did not have to deal with labels like ‘feminists’ and ‘meninists’… Why things could not be simpler? Why?

What’s love?

I am sure none of us are sure about what love is :) But loved these lines from the article… So beautiful!

~ Love is something for which we will give up eternal life. The main character in the movie City of Angels, who gives up his wings in return for bodily sensation, and then loses his one and only beloved in a truck accident, says: “I would rather have tasted her lips just once, touched her skin, one time, and made love to her for one night, than spend the rest of my life without ever knowing that.” ~

Modern India?

I was at this social event a few days back. I am happily antisocial when it comes to attending these club events or get-togethers where I barely know people (by knowing I don’t mean waving at each other and exchanging fake smiles all along). But I attended this one as it was organised by a dear friend. The main highlight of the event was a fashion show which was followed by a question-answer round. One judge asked this participant about the need and importance of marriage in a woman’s life, and that if it is indispensable. Her response shocked me to say the least. She said and I quote, “A woman is born to get married, have kids, raise them in the best way possible; a woman is incomplete without marriage and kids. I think I am complete in every way.” The judge retorted, “So according to you, all single women are incomplete.” The participant said absolutely, they are. This comes from a female who is well-educated and falls in the so-called modern woman bracket. I really don’t want to discuss the merits and demerits of married life (for both men and women), let’s keep that for another day. But this thought process really makes me wonder about all the progress I thought we made as a society! Sad!

Travel or diamonds?

Travel or diamonds? Are you serious? And is that even a valid question? I will pick a travel experience over a diamond jewellery any day. Every new destination, every new experience, every moment of discovery becomes a part of who we are. Honestly, that is not even a fair comparison… How can the diamonds lying idle in locker ever come close to the crazy high feeling of a new experience? Really, like I said… invalid question!

My ‘lost and found’ story

Have you ever experienced the immense joy of finding something you lost that holds a lot of sentimental value to you? I did. My mom-in-law’s shawl is one of my most valuable possessions. During my company meet, I forgot to pick my shawl from the bus and realised only after the bus left. After making several calls I still could not trace it. I felt so heartbroken… Two days later, we were wrapping up the meeting and one of my friends told me somebody in the conference room was talking about a shawl they found in the bus and I should check if it’s mine. Thrilled as I was I jumped out of my chair and went to ask them… There it was… It was time my precious keepsake made its way back to me. I was overjoyed and almost in tears. My friend said you are a sentimental fool… I said, “I know and I am soooo happy!” Thanks to some amazing people, I got it back… and now I have a ‘lost and found’ story.

Random Scribble: The “no expectations” myth

In an ideal world, in ideal relationships, the theory of ‘no expectations’ sounds great… But the problem is, our world is not an ideal one. In an ideal world there would be no pain, no extreme emotions, no crazy ideas… An ideal world would be about balance… An ideal world in one word would be ‘boring’. Our world is real… Our world has colours… Colours of love, of pain, of happiness, of sadness… So people who say they have no expectations from anybody in life are lying… We are made that way… :)

I think every relationship involves expectations, whether it’s your parents, spouse, siblings, kids, friends, colleagues… I feel we aren’t always conscious of our expectations. For example, I expect my better half to take me on a drive even after his long day at work… It might be extremely wrong on my part to expect it, but I do. That is what I am talking about. The more we learn to manage these expectations, the sweeter our relationships would be. That is how I see it… That is my point of view (as of now)… Not necessarily the truth. May be, the more I grow, the more I learn, the more I evolve, I may start thinking in a different way.