A super little visit to the city I love

Last week, I was lucky enough to get a very small bite of the city I love – Aamchi Mumbai. :) I was in Mumbai last week for 2 days to attend one of my friend’s wedding…

I shopped, ate, wandered about… And, yes, I did attend the pre-wedding sangeet and the big fat shaadi!

Believe me, I just blinked and it was all over.

Walking through the malls, buildings, cafes, local railway stations, travelling in buses, trains, being the part of the CROWD, being at my home in Mumbai, meeting siblings (Poonam Di and Abhay) and Mumma, sharing and discussing the CURRENT events and secrets in our lives… All of it now seems like a book that I just read. :) I wish it was that… A book… I would read it over and over again… :)

I’ve added a few photographs. In one of the photographs, I have captured my hairstylist at work. Hee hee… Just take a look.

Back in Kandla now…