A Snapshot of Vidyanand Joshi

Vidyanand_JoshiIncredibly charismatic, this communication skills professor is like a dream come true for any student; his massive and ever-growing fan following is a proof of that. Prof. Vidyanand Joshi aka VJ is and will always be on the top of my list of favourite teachers/professors. I still remember every detail of our interactions… From the very moment he entered into the classroom for the first lecture to the day he and Gowri Ma’am came to see me at my place just before my wedding. I was super-emotional on his last day with our batch and I am glad we stayed in touch after college. He’s very gentle, incredibly courteous, totally supportive, an amazing teacher, has a great sense of humour… I can go on and on. I think he’s just amazing and it was a total privilege to be his student.

In this sizzling interview, VJ (http://www.facebook.com/vidyanand.joshi.9) reveals his first crush, talks about his favourite music, his favourite book, awesome Mondays, his love for wildlife and a lot more. Read on…

  • Give me a brief description about yourself.

I am a 36 years young, positive, cheerful motivator! A nature-lover by passion and a teacher by profession. Anything mysterious in nature excites me and fascinates me to the core! I find routine and mundane tasks boring, so I have by choice selected a self-employed career of a behavioural trainer and educator. People say I am friendly, popular, flirty, approachable and understanding. And I add by saying that I am also egoistic, judgemental, lazy, overconfident and low on risks! Let others discover who I am… So, everyone is most welcome to get a peep into who am I. But remember, only a peep allowed! Lol!

  • Describe your Sundays.

All my Sundays are working. I conduct academic lectures and workshops for people who have enrolled for executive MBA. So, it’s 10 to 7 full day work! But my Monday mornings are highly exciting; when the whole world cribs and moans about a manic Monday, I am normally off to a nice nature trail.

  • What music are you listening to at the moment?

Various genres interest me. Right now I am listening to mostly heavy metal songs on my car CD player. So, when bands like Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica are blasting their drums off, my speed takes off at a new level as well.

  • What was the last film you saw?

Kai Po Che. It’s a brilliantly directed, well-written and very naturally performed entertainer. It had a bit of everything: romance, friendships, ambitions, violence, socio-political drama and even pre-marital sex! Loved the movie… I’d give it four out of five stars.

  • What would be your dream holiday location and why?

There are many. I’d love to visit Amazon rainforest in South America, Borneo islands of Indonesia, Kalahari desert in Africa, Alaska in North America, Mt. Everest in Nepal, the Siachen Glacier on Indo-Pak border, Komodo islands near Philippines, Namdapha in Arunachal Pradesh and many many more. The reason for all these places is common: exclusive and adventurous wildlife experience. Each place has a unique wildlife offering and I am a die-hard nature-lover waiting to explore the mysteries of Mother Nature.

  • What is your favourite book? What was the last book you read?

My favourite book that I’ll recommend to everyone is – ‘Pulling your own strings’ by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s about understanding that life is in your own control so don’t let others rule you! Currently, I am reading a Marathi book – ‘Paakharmaya’ by Maruti Chittampalli. It’s about birds and their social behavior.

  • Tell me about your first crush.

My first crush was in the 2nd standard! Yeah, you read it correct! Sheetal was her name. We used to sit together on the same desk from 1st standard to 3rd standard. We used to share our tiffin food, play a lot, fight a lot, have long telephonic chats after school (at age 5-6). I don’t know where she is now, but I hope she too remembers me as her first crush. Lol. I hope my wife is not reading this.

  • What’s a food treat for you? What foods do you detest?

I am an emotional eater, so it is more of mood poisoning for me. A treat for me would be a large bowl full of freshly cut nice juicy fruits; I am aging, you know. Also, I can’t resist any egg preparations, gujarati snacks, pav bhaji, nutritious dals, kebabs and lots of creative sandwiches. Foods that I detest would be anything that floats in oil, has hot red gravy, is too spicy; also I don’t like sweets nowadays!

  • Do you have a bucket list?

While I believe that I have already achieved much more than what I was expecting in life, but being human, I always have that urge to want more and more. So, before I say goodbye, I wish to travel around the world and see all the animal species in the nature, want to learn some instrument like violin or guitar, learn basics of dancing and singing, want to act in a movie or a serial in a brief role, eat all the interesting cuisines around the globe, want to meet god face-to-face, want to spend each and every moment of my life with my wife and my doggies, want to say sorry to all those who are hurt because of me, want to say thank you to all those who made a great difference in my life, want to own some classic cars like Buick Roadster and Rolls Royce, want to try my hand at writing poems, want to be a mentor to millions of youngsters, want to see Van Halen and Whitesnake perform live, want to be a proud son to my parents and the list goes on and on!