Modern India?

I was at this social event a few days back. I am happily antisocial when it comes to attending these club events or get-togethers where I barely know people (by knowing I don’t mean waving at each other and exchanging fake smiles all along). But I attended this one as it was organised by a dear friend. The main highlight of the event was a fashion show which was followed by a question-answer round. One judge asked this participant about the need and importance of marriage in a woman’s life, and that if it is indispensable. Her response shocked me to say the least. She said and I quote, “A woman is born to get married, have kids, raise them in the best way possible; a woman is incomplete without marriage and kids. I think I am complete in every way.” The judge retorted, “So according to you, all single women are incomplete.” The participant said absolutely, they are. This comes from a female who is well-educated and falls in the so-called modern woman bracket. I really don’t want to discuss the merits and demerits of married life (for both men and women), let’s keep that for another day. But this thought process really makes me wonder about all the progress I thought we made as a society! Sad!