Who is Pooja?

Whatever your reason for choosing the world of words, welcome! Let the words shatter you. Let the words heal you.

Writer. Financial editor. Traveler. Potterhead. Photography Enthusiast. Music Lover. Dog Lover. Movie Buff. Foodie.

I have been a financial editor and writer for more than 8 years. My corporate assignments have included – white papers, case studies and articles for publications (such as magazines, websites and newsletters). I’ve been fortunate to interact with some truly amazing people from various sectors. I believe absolutely no one is ordinary. The world is full of colourful people. :)

12391255_10208279348563529_5691263224696365792_n (1)I’ve been blogging, week-in, week-out, since 2006 about everything and anything. I wrote my first article when I was 12 on preservation of forests. It was later published in the Indian Express in February 2000. Writing keeps me free. But my pen became mature after I joined IRIS and started writing news stories, features, etc.

In the words of James Michener, “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

I have a thing for paranormal fantasy novels and movies. I guess it quenches my thirst for fantasy world! All my life I have read and dreamed stories.

P.S. I love traveling. When you say meditate, all I hear is “travel”.


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4 thoughts on “Who is Pooja?”

  1. Hi Pooja,


    First of all hats off to your eye flair – awesome photography :)
    I was wondering if you could allow me to use your photographs on Kutch Gujarat Kala Dunger. I am a Graphic Designer and working on one of the book entitled – Black Hills.

    Kindly let me know..then will share the details of the book.


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